UCI Road and Mountaınbıke Race Organızatıons

Exercising at high altitudes increases the body’s capacity to carry oxygen, especially the increase in red blood cell production. World sports science has revealed that the most ideal high altitude training camps will be held at 2,200 meters with at least 21 days of accommodation.

Within the scope of the “Erciyes Mountain High Altitude Cycling Training Camps” project, which was initiated in 2017 with the promotional support of the ORAN Development Agency and included in the 2020 Work Program;

* 15 foreign cycling teams in 2018,
* In 2019, 30 foreign cycling teams participated in a high altitude camp on Mount Erciyes.
* In 2021; It is expected that 2,500 cyclists will come to Erciyes Mountain Region for camping and races.

We would like to thank the mountain region management company Erciyes A.Ş. and ORAN Development Agency (which works under the Ministry of Industry and Technology), which we organized these races together, for contributing to this growing success graphic of Mount Erciyes in cycling sports.
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2021 UCI

2021 UCI


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